Reflecting on 2018

Happy new year! I can’t quite believe it’s 2019, the last three months have gone so quickly. I’m currently writing this post, now 41 weeks pregnant, patiently waiting for baby to make an appearance. I thought I would write a post before the baby’s arrival as I doubt, I will have much time afterwards! I’m going to be reflecting on 2018, exercising whilst pregnant and hopes of returning to fitness post baby.

Reflecting on 2018

It’s been a year of two halves…. first half training for Celtman an extreme long-distance triathlon and second half growing a baby. Looking back on last year I didn’t actually complete most of my goals. I didn’t make it to start line at Celtman or race a triathlon last year, got a DNF (did not finish) at Neptune steps race and I didn’t get more competitive / better at racing (need to race to improve that). I did complete two half marathons, first race was the Livingston half marathon in February but the icy conditions were treacherous so I used it as a training run rather than a race. In May I completed the Edinburgh half marathon with colleagues for Sands charity. The team managed to raise over £24,000 in total! I ran with my friend Kirsty to push her to get a personal best time, which she did! I don’t think she will run with me again.

Team Simpson’s
Going for the sprint finish!

Not all doom and gloom, the positives in the first half of the year include sticking to my training plan, massive improvements on the bike including better power output, being a faster cyclist and lots of long rides. I really did fall in love with cycling last year!

Mallorca team
Kevin and I recce weekend
My new bike for Celtman… trialed on the recce

Highlights included going to Mallorca with my coach and friends, having fun and cycling, swimming and running lots. Also doing a recce of Celtman cycle route on my new bike with Kevin and Sam. I was over an hour quicker than my race time the previous year.

Exercising whilst pregnant

Finding out I was pregnant at the end of May was a shock but also exciting, amazing and scary all at the same time! I genuinely thought I was going be that fit, pregnant women who runs, cycles and swims up to the day she gives birth and bounces back quickly after birth. Sadly, this was not the case.

I decided not to compete at Celtman at 8 weeks pregnant, looking back it seems crazy that I ever contemplated even starting the event. I felt tired, nauseous and had morning sickness throughout the day. Not ideal for long distance racing. I did take part by being a support runner for a friend which I really enjoyed.

Supporting Kevin

I previously wrote in my last blog post, early on in pregnancy, that I felt tired and exhausted. I did continue to run and swim when I felt able. Cycling stopped after I got a scare on a ride due to lack of energy and living in a remote area.

In the second trimester exercise improved as I was energetic again. I took advantage of the warm summer and did lots of open water swims with friends, and regularly running. I tried cycling again but found it uncomfortable even with a small bump.

At 21 weeks I developed Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and had a strong pain in my pelvis if I ran. I also had the same pain during other tasks such as putting weight on one leg or rolling over in bed. I went to see a physiotherapist and doing the exercises helped but essentially, I was told not to run until after pregnancy.

Light weights in pregnancy

Initially, I was devastated, no longer was I cycling but now running too! I’ve ran all my life and it was only September and I wasn’t due until January. Once I got over the shock and anger, I decided to focus on swimming, weights and walking, treating the pregnancy like an injury. I concentrated on being active and staying healthy. Accepting not running was hard but I will be able to run again. I will have a beautiful baby, which is worth not running for a few months. I just had to listen to my body rather than comparing myself to the ‘perfect’ social media mums on Instagram.

Pregnancy hill walks

For the rest of my pregnancy I have been swimming two to three times a week and topping up with walking and weight sessions. Surprisingly, I have developed a new love for walking, I am very lucky to live in the Scottish Borders and I am surrounded by many beautiful hills and trails which I’ve now climbed. I have many new routes which I’m excited to run post baby. It’s only in the last couple of weeks that I’m feeling heavy and slow whilst swimming, so I have started to reduce my time in the pool. I have been walking more since starting maternity leave and hopefully this will help in labour and post baby recovery.

Being postnatal and returning to fitness

Firstly, I am going to rest and enjoy time with my baby. Secondly, it depends on what kind of delivery I have and my recovery from it. From a running and cycling perspective I will have to build it up as I haven’t done either in months. Sensibly, I haven’t entered any races this year or given myself any goals. I would like to return to exercise as soon as its physically possible but essentially when I’m ready and want too. I will be able to race and
do triathlons again, I’ve just got to build it up slowly and focus on baby and my family needs first. Hopefully, I will be back doing all things swimming, cycling and running soon.


Summer Training

Summer Training


I’ve been quiet posting on my blog for a few weeks. Apologies for the delay but seeing most of you are family and friends I know you’ll understand and / or guessed why I’ve been so quiet. Since starting my blog, it has developed into my training log and my ups and downs of racing and all things swimming, cycling, running and triathlon. So, when you’re not doing most of those things I didn’t have much to write!

When I made the decision not to compete at Celtman, after 6 months of training, it was a hard one and I didn’t want to explain my reasons publicly at the time. I did, however, still manage to be a part of the event by supporting my friend Kevin during some of the run section. Mission ‘get Kevin a blue t-shirt’ was a success and I ran with Kevin during the first section of the run, 11miles before the mountain. I really enjoyed supporting and still being a part of Celtman. I would support other friends again at similar events.

Supporting Kevin

A month prior to the event I did a recce of the bike course and some of the run section with Kevin and Sam. I was over an hour quicker on the bike and generally much fitter than last year, especially with cycling. It was during this weekend I was feeling very tired (more like drained). I found the running the next day particularly hard after the cycling. That was when I realised I was late…..this thought came to me whilst running up a hill in the rain. Kevin was very encouraging and all I was thinking about was dates and how many days I was late. I kept this to myself and thought maybe it was the long drive the day before and the heavy amount training I was doing over the previous few weeks that was making me so tired (clearly in denial). When we got home, I took a test straight away and it was positive. I don’t think I’ve seen Sam or myself so shocked, but both of us were very pleased.

My new bike for Celtman… used on the recce
Recce run with Kevin

It was a shame I didn’t compete as I felt fitter this year with all the training I had done in the lead up to the race but that’s life. I gave myself a couple of weeks to decide but as soon as I hit 6 weeks of pregnancy I was having morning sickness and felt knackered most of the time. Not ideal for a long-distance extreme triathlon. Supporting my friend meant I was still a part of the race, Thank you Kevin. One day I will return to Celtman for that elusive blue t-shirt!

first scan photos

Now I’m 24 weeks (5 months) pregnant I feel more comfortable saying I’m pregnant. Not that I’ve been hiding it, and like I said before most of you will already know. I think my job as a midwife makes me less naïve about what can happen in pregnancy. I’m not constantly worrying, I’m just aware of the not so nice things that can happen. On a positive note, Sam and I are both very excited and really looking forward to meeting baby Bedford in the new year.

Baby Bedford

Training since finding out I’m pregnant…

I always thought I would continue exercising particularly running throughout my pregnancy. I would love to tell you I’m running, swimming or cycling every day, and that pregnancy hasn’t changed me, and I have a wonderful pregnancy glow. Sadly, this is not the case.

Running in early pregnancy

I am still exercising, it is just very different from what I was doing earlier in the year. I stopped being coached which was very strange. Not having a plan or someone to be accountable to was hard. Training has been a big part of my life for so long and also my relationship with my coach (regular chats, updates on workouts etc). Thank you Barron for all the support and guidance over the last two years.

Only photo I could find with myself and Barron in Mallorca! (too busy cycling ha!)

Up to week 14-15 I was exhausted and had constant nausea / vomiting most days. I did manage to train 2-4 times a week, doing short runs and swim sessions. I generally didn’t have the energy or motivation to train (or do anything) during this period. Sam described me as a ‘dead sloth’. I also got a fright during a ride with a friend as I felt awful due to lack of energy and she kindly escorted me slowly home. I now live in a remote area so don’t feel safe cycling alone just in case it happens again. I initially felt very disheartened and guilty at my lack of training, but I had to listen to my body.

I would also like to state that I’m not complaining I’m pregnant. I am very grateful, happy and very excited! I just have to accept I can’t do things that I can when I’m not pregnant.

Weeks 15-20 I got my bounce back. I was regularly swimming and running and felt very positive about exercising in pregnancy again. I was slowly developing a bump and enjoyed regular training. Swimming hadn’t changed much; my times were a little slower but overall nothing felt different. Over summer I’ve been open water swimming frequently with friends taking full advantage of the good weather.

Open water swimming with Tiff and G
Open water swimming with Blair, Jill and Tiff

Running I was taking it easy and only doing gentle paced runs. Three weeks ago I went for a run prior to night shift, during the run I developed a stabbing pain in the front of my pelvis. When I finished the run the stabbing pain had gone but left a dull ache in the same area which got worse during the night shift. I could only sit up straight, I found it very sore crossing my legs or putting all weight on one leg. As a midwife, I knew I had developed a Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and it hasn’t gone away since this run.

Maternity costume

Sadly, no more running at the moment and I’m waiting for my appointment with the physiotherapist. It’s not all doom and gloom exercise wise, swimming is fine so I’m continuing with that and going for long walks and doing light weights instead. As long as I’m moving regularly I’m happy, let’s see how the next few weeks fair as I start to get bigger!