Happy 2018

Happy 2018!

The last few weeks I’ve been taking exercise and social media easy and not making it a priority. I needed a rest after the crazy number of races and amount of training I’ve done this year.

After the Swimrun event in September I developed Plantus Facillius in my right foot and didn’t really move for a week. I couldn’t weight- bear on my foot for the first couple of days, it was so sore! Basically, my light weight trainers didn’t have enough support and after 30miles of running trails and hills my poor feet were done!

Mentally I needed the break so I didn’t follow my plans in October, November and December and basically exercised when I wanted and prioritised socialising or other activities instead. I think this was what I needed and I am now hungry again for training.

During this time, I reflected on my achievements in 2017, firstly competing in Celtman, my first full distance and extreme triathlon. Secondly, Edinburgh Ironman and Aberfeldy middle distance triathlons. Thirdly, Swimrun event with Lisa, lots of fun and totally different to triathlon. Fourthly, managing to finish all my races this year. It’s been a pretty successful year!

Lessons to be learnt from last year, are to definitely have a good break between big races. I knew Celtman and Edinburgh Ironman were too close together (two weeks). I felt couldn’t not do Ironman when it was on my door step and the first Ironman in Scotland! I feel having a good time between races means I can be more competitive and not be knackered before I start!

Pick races wisely, have A and B races and pick other races that will compliment them.

I have been planning my goals for next year. This year was about finishing and completing races. I want to be more competitive with myself next season. I tend to be faster in training rather than racing, I’m too relaxed when I race, I’m quite happy just to finish rather than push for a position or time!

I also want to improve on all disciplines but especially cycling and work on my power on the bike. I feel this is where I will make the best gains.

I’ve already started planning my races for 2018. I have entered Redbull’s Neptune Steps. An adventure swim race, swimming in Forth & Clyde canal in Glasgow and climbing up seven canal lock gates in March. It sounds a bit mental but fun! I enjoyed trying different events last year and this one is truly unique.

I have also been accepted into Celtman again for next year! I’m so so so excited! I really want to improve on last year and hopefully the weather gods will be kind next year!

My last piece of news is that Sam and I have moved to our new home in Galashiels in December. It’s 30miles south of Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders. We are both looking forward to our new adventure in the country together. We have moved into a house and got out of the city. I’m excited about finding new running and cycling routes. We both love Edinburgh and have called it our home for the last 5 years. We are still both working in Edinburgh so will be frequent visitors.

Happy New Year everyone, training is back on and so will the blog posts.


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