April Training update

It’s actually quite scary how quick this year is going! I can’t quite believe it’s May and only six weeks till Celtman! I am excited, worried and scared – all at the same time. It’s the final push and my training swims, rides, runs and brick sessions are getting longer and longer!

 April’s distances: I swam 22.3miles, cycled 207.5miles (not including turbo sessions) and ran 99.1miles. During April I swam and ran more and cycled less but I think that was down to racing twice in April. This will certainly change in May, looking at my training plan!

I completed a couple of races in April; East Fife Sprint triathlon and Great Edinburgh Run, (see my previous post for the race reports), I now have no more races until Celtman so I will be concentrating on the long-distance training.

In April, I went back to blonde, the blue has gone (for now ha!). I prefer being lighter but not really sure what colour I will go next!

 I’ve been reading lots of blogs from previous competitors of Celtman, and trying to find tips about the course. I’ve been really inspired by all their posts and it’s spurred me on in my training. Many people have mentioned the jelly fish in the Loch, I am dreading touching their slimy bodies on race day. Throughout all the posts I’ve read, everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the race and highly recommended doing it, which is reassuring.

I have been buying kit for the race, and starting to use them in training. Due to the nature of the race, I am required to have mandatory kit. During the run I have to run with a bag containing kit, food and water. I’ve been practising running with my bag with full kit, in preparation, and practising eating and drinking whilst running.

 Training has gone much better now the weather has improved. Last week was my first open water swimming session. I organised a social swim with members of Edinburgh Triathletes at Threipmuir reservoir in the Pentlands. It was a very windy day. The normally calm reservoir was very wavy, with almost sea like conditions! Lots of club members came and managed a short swim, it was very cold, I’m glad I had my extra heat vest under my wetsuit!

May training is getting quite intense, lots of long brick sessions, increasing every week. I’m practising what I plan to eat during the race, I’m awful at eating and exercising but definitely need to eat as I will be exercising all day!