Training Weeks 12-14

Training Weeks 12 to 14

My lack of blog posts for the last two to three weeks is due to a few reasons; firstly after the Edinburgh race I developed an ankle injury which was causing really sore calf pains in my left leg. Due to my injury I haven’t been training as much as I would have liked and felt pretty low about it. Secondly I’ve been very busy with work and social engagements and thirdly life just sometimes gets in the way!

foam roller

During the Edinburgh Great Run I was aware of some calf pain and had a few niggles on a run a couple of days before the race. I put the pain down to pushing myself during the race, walked it off and stretched after the race. I went for a run two days later and my calf was in agony after 3-4 miles. I slowly made it home and used my foam roller which helped slightly. When I got up for swimming the next day and it was still sore I knew something was wrong and more than a pulled muscle.


I booked an appointment at pro-active sports physiotherapy on Dublin Street. Del the physiotherapist confirmed my calf pain was due to my weak ankle, my foot is overcompensating by running on the side (of my foot) which is causing my calf pain when running. He strapped up my ankle, gave me exercises, massaged my leg and told me not to run that week. I returned a week later and it did feel better. I was told to continue resting but I felt able to compete on Sunday at the Selkirk triathlon. I’ve started running again doing short distances and continued my exercises so hopefully will be fine for June!


Luckily I was able to swim and cycle so I was able to continue my overall training. One positive out of my injury is that I’ve had to cycle much more. I faced my fear of going out cycling solo and now found a new love of cycling. The improved weather has helped but I have really enjoyed going out cycling myself, getting lost in the Scottish countryside and having time to clear my head. As a result my cycling times and bike handling have massively improved!


Cycling is my weakest sport out of the three disciplines. I didn’t go out enough because I couldn’t really repair a puncture. On Wednesday afternoon I completed a bike maintenance course at Grease Monkeys Cycles. I choose Grease monkeys because the course was one to one, I could pick a time convenient to me (most courses in other bike shops are in groups and on set days) and I could also choose what to focus on. My main focus was puncture repair, removing the rear wheel and tightening my breaks. It is particularly important I am able to repair a puncture, during triathlon races only I can repair my bike.  Bike mechanic Grant was very patient with me, he went through everything step by step and on the second attempt I was able to successfully remove the rear wheel and repair the puncture myself. Grant also showed me how to adjust gears and break blocks. I would highly recommend doing the course. I am more confident and feel much safer cycling. It also includes a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit!




I’ve also been a little social bee. As my little brother James is moving to Sydney Australia to start his new job. We had a little family get to together at Oregano restaurant on Leith walk; the antipasti and Pizza are amazing!! The food is reasonably priced and you get good portions. I am so sad to see James because we are close but I don’t mind going to visit him, ha!


Two weekends ago I organised one of my closest friends Naomi’s Hen do! We all had fun in Edinburgh, having Afternoon tea, hula hooping, cocktail making, drinking, Karaoke singing and dancing the night away. It was a great distraction whilst being injured and also nice to have a break.

hen dohen do

Last week it was Sam and I’s first wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since we wed, crazy! We treated ourselves to meal and stay at Hotel du Vin on our anniversary followed by a spa day with treatments at One spa. We had a lovely couple of days hanging out and relaxing which was amazing!

wedding anniversaryjennie and sam

On Sunday I competed in Selkirk triathlon in the Scottish Borders. It was a beautiful day and I even managed to get sunburnt in Scotland! It was a standard distance triathlon; the swim was in a pool (which I prefer) followed by a very hilly cycle with wonderful views and fairly flat run along the less inspiring A7. I was pretty happy with my swim time, the cycle was slow but I put that down to the course and the run was ok. It was the first time I ran in three weeks and my calf and ankle were fine. Ideally my run time should have been better but I was happy just to complete it.


I’ve also recently dyed my hair blonde and got a new tattoo on my arm (Sorry Mum, Dad and Graddad).


Only 4 weeks now till Staffordshire Ironman (eek) my aim for the race is to enjoy it and complete it rather than aiming on a time. These next few weeks I’m focusing on distance, building up my running distance, and keeping injury free.